Ann Ball

Values Equal New Understanding of Self

  • Living your values

    Brings the life you've always wanted

  • Do your values

    Support your dreams?

  • Are your values YOURS?

  • Or were you taught

    what your values should be?

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Ann is a life coach living in Northern Virginia. She is constantly working on her own personal growth and development, which adds value to her client services. Ann is a speaker on personal growth and development, the toxic environment of sexless marriage, and the healing of the #MeToo movement.

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Your magic sex number?

Your magic sex number? Relationship counselor Steven Ing recently did this Tedx talk. He discusses the differences between couples and what their “magic sex number” is for each. AKA how often they have sex. I love this talk. I love it because it puts sexual intimacy on to the kitchen table and out in the […]

What have I done for ME lately?

What have I done for ME lately?

When we find ourselves living in challenging times, we forget to take care of ourselves. We get lost in taking care of everyone else. It’s our escape from dealing with the pain inside of us. We do the same thing with work, with our kids, our parents, our friends. When was the last time you […]


  • Testimonial

    - Misty Fleener

  • Testimonial

    - 5 Stars!

  • Testimonial

    Once upon a time I had long hair. In fact I’ve had long for a good portion of my life. The picture with short hair was the first time I cut it short in the last 10 years.

    It was also a few months after I found out my husband had joined a dating website and was secretly meeting other women while working. Instead of supporting me and working together as a team after the birth of our second child (who sadly is a crappy sleeper to this day) he went elsewhere and things continued to fall apart. Instead of being my partner he went elsewhere. I was single handedly managing to work full time shift work as a nurse on a couple hours of sleep each night, he travelled and still does quite often for work and be a mother.

    Naturally I lost sight of the sensual woman I once was but it was somewhat stripped out of me given his multiple episodes of infidelity.

    I cut my hair as an effort o reinvent myself and rediscover who I am as a woman. And my husband hates it, and I sometimes wonder if he simply doesn’t think I’m attractive with shorter hair. But for me cutting my hair was shedding the weight of how much he has hurt me over the years and I continue to rediscover myself every single day.

    And recently up until joining this group I had even forgotten that once was a really sensual and sexual woman. And I enjoy being flirted with and reminded that I can still be pretty even with short hair.

    So here is my thank you to this group and Ann Ball for helping me continue my path of self discovery and maybe I can finally begin to heal after being hurt so many times by the one person I once trusted the most in this world.

    - MDM

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