Ladies, Our TIME is NOW.

Time Magazine just announced it’s “Person of the Year” and it’s the “Me Too” movement. I am a part of this movement. 

Photo Credit Subversify Magazine

I’ve found myself wondering – Is this he** in a hand basket?
And what the he** in a hand basket? Some old time version of a designer handbag?
Prada, Dior and Chanel! Oh my!
Okay enough of the bs.
I’ve been disgusted by the news of so many celebrities taking advantage of their power over women.
How dare they? It’s emotional rape. They find themselves all high and mighty and think it’s okay to throw their dicks around like it’s their God given right.
Well it’s not.
I want to thank the women who are standing up for themselves. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for teaching these men we are offended by their riDICKulous delusions they have of themselves.
Okay I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist….
Did you know we as humans are not designed to live in a patriarchal society?
I’m serious. Patriarchal society is what produced what’s-his-name…. That bastard running the country…. Has his name all over a bunch of hotels and casino’s… Cuz he feels his name is dick-worthy. Well, he is a dick. An immature, full of shit, lying penis.
Wait…. That’s an asshole.
Well, for arguments sake I’m putting them in the same class. Dick and Asshole.
Okay I’m done.
Now women, I implore you… It’s time for us to stand up. We have an opportunity to claim humanity and cultivate a matriarchal society as we are designed to create!
I must admit I have my fears of a modern day matriarchal society. The repression of women over the last 10,000 years has made many women believe sex is optional.
Ladies, it’s not. It’s a requirement. What reason do men have to hunt and gather food for us if we avoid our human ability to bond with them?
Bonobos living in peaceful matriarchal societies

Bonobos living in peaceful matriarchal societies Photo Credit

20,000 years ago we did everything together. Our babies were raised by our tribe. Our men fought for our food and kept us safe. We gathered together to share our collection of food with nearby tribes who didn’t have enough to feed themselves. And sex… Sex was social. It was how our tribes of 100-150 human beings bonded,  keeping our tribe together and safe.
Oh! And we worked about 20 hours a week to make all this happen.
How fucking awesome is that? No pun intended….
These days we live separate lives in separate homes that isolate us from the world around us. We struggle being everything to our children and to our one partner.
We’re not designed to survive in this environment. Separate, often alone. This is the root of many emotional as well as physical illnesses. This is a patriarchal society and it’s not healthy for us.

Women, we are here and for the first time in many millennia our voices are being heard and we have the power to create change.
Does that equal a return to tribal community? I don’t picture that.
What I do picture is women standing up, taking control of society, and creating a world where we, as humans, can live in a matriarchal and peaceful existence.

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