#MeToo and the irony behind it.

The #MeToo movement has brought to light a culture of inappropriate behavior across the world. We’ve heard countless stories in the media of the untouchable wealthy, famous and infamous.

Here’s the real problem- misconduct started 10,000 years ago. It was called marriage.

Marriage was the beginning of sexual repression, it’s purpose was to insure a man’s cows and goats were rightfully inherited by their sons. It wasn’t about love and romance, it was about property, feeding and providing for the current and next generation.

Here’s a quick history lesson:

Humans were once free roaming tribes that hunted and gathered food in bands of about 100-150 people. Their survival was built upon the communal bonds formed within the tribe. Everything was done together – from gathering, hunting and preparing their food, to sex and raising their children.


Yes, sex. In the days of tribal communities sex was a form of bonding. It was communal and kept the tribe together, therefore creating safety within the tribe. In the same way we view breast feeding a child for bonding, sex was, and still is necessary for bonding.

With agriculture came marriage. Goats, cows, property, and wives. The only way to preserve rightful inheritance was to make sure the wives were not having sex with other men.

It’s ironic – man created marriage to protect their possessions, but in the process repressed both men and women of their sexuality. In the absence of sexual needs, we have a history of human frustration that has erupted in wars over millennia.

#MeToo is another war. It started because man was unable to have their sexual needs met. As a result, these men (and some women) have acted across a spectrum of inappropriate behavior – from criminal rape, to crude sex jokes, to accidentally bumping in to someone.

So what is the solution? In this society I fear sex will be shut off and war will continue. 

Let’s make love not war. Respect and peace is what I hope for. 


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  1. Really interesting! This helps understand how/why the whole marriage concept started. Add to it the fact that people never lived as long as they do today . . . I don’t think we were intended to be married to the same person for 50+ years!! Sadly, I agree, sex will all but disappear and we will still be fighting.

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