Values Program

Have you felt stuck? Lonely? Rejected? Everything and everyone are more important than you are?

You don’t have to live that way.

Not anymore.

More importantly – YOU SHOULD NOT be living that way.

I lived my life putting everyone else first. I was the lowest person on my priority list. I was tired, it made me sick, and I couldn’t live in that box anymore.

When I decided to to START taking care of me first, MY WORLD CHANGED. Now I am living the life I’ve always dreamed of!

My VENUS Program takes you through a series of steps over four weeks where you will learn WHY and HOW to start taking care of YOU.

CHOOSE YOU: Together, you and I will review your values, and rate how well you are living according to your values.

FOR YOU: Each week we’ll review, and make adjustments as needed, customizing your program as we go.

BONUS: I am here for you when you need me. Your success is my success!

I am so excited to start working together!

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